Parmesan crusted fish

Parmesan Crusted Fish by Yummy Calories

You can make parmesan crusted fish with almost any type of fish. I prefer it on a white fish, that are usually more mild in taste allowing the parmesan crumb to do the heavy lifting. I used basa for this one because we had some in the freezer, which I'm busily tryingto empty because of … Continue reading Parmesan crusted fish

Cheat’s Mohinga (Burmese Fish Noodle Soup)

Cheat's Mohinga Recipe by Yummy Calories

This Mohinga recipe is a cheat's version that uses canned fish to get the same outcome as the traditional way of cooking, deboning and flaking the fish manually. For those that don't know, mohinga is a Burmese fish noodle soup that is often eaten for breakfast - or anytime really. It's one of my favourite … Continue reading Cheat’s Mohinga (Burmese Fish Noodle Soup)

Sichuan chilli fish

Sichuan Chilli Fish Recipe by Yummy Calories

This Sichuan chilli fish is one of my favourite spicy foods. I first discovered Sichuan food about 10 years ago and one of the distinguishing features of this cuisine is the Sichuan peppercorn. It leaves a bit of num feeling in your mouth, especially when you accidentally bite into a whole peppercorn. I thought I … Continue reading Sichuan chilli fish

Chinese New Year fish

Chinese new year fish recipe by Yummy Calories

This Chinese New Year fish is sure to bring prosperity this year. This is because the word for fish, "yu" sounds like abundance. So gong xi fa cai to the year of the Rooster. My husband has already started making "cock" jokes. Sigh! This particular pair of snapper fish were from Footscray Market. We had … Continue reading Chinese New Year fish

Burmese fish curry

Burmese fish curry recipe by Yummy Calories

Burmese fish curry goes very, very well with rice so it's difficult to eat when you're on a low-carb diet. Actually, most Burmese foods are made to be eaten with a lot of rice and there's even a word for it. In Burmese, they call this "htamin main" which means somethign so good that it … Continue reading Burmese fish curry

Pan fried fish fillets with ginger and soy

Pan fried fish fillets with ginger and soy by Yummy Calories

Pan fried fish fillets really shouldn't be that hard. But when I first started cooking, I really sucked at cooking fish. I tried steaming them once, because I was told it was very easy. It was not. I ended up overcooking the outside edges and the inside was still raw. But pan frying the fish … Continue reading Pan fried fish fillets with ginger and soy

Lemongrass and ginger Snapper parcel (297 calories per serve)

I like baking fish in foil parcels because it keeps a lot of the moisture inside while also making it easier to clean up afterwards. The flavours are South East Asian and are similar to my red curry fish parcel recipe. I have used a whole Red Snapper here but you can use any whole … Continue reading Lemongrass and ginger Snapper parcel (297 calories per serve)