Thai Prawn Glass Noodles

Thai prawn glass noodles by Yummy Calories

The first time I tried this Thai prawn glass noodles dish was just earlier this year when we went to Thailand. It was our first overseas trip post-Covid and one of my brothers took us out to a famous seafood restaurant, Somboon Seafood. Such was its popularity that it's actually a chain restaurant so there … Continue reading Thai Prawn Glass Noodles

Steamed black pepper crab

Steamed black pepper crab by Yummy Calories

Black pepper crab is traditionally fried before being tossed in this wonderfully fragrant sauce. As much as it's still absolutely delicious, I don't like how oily it makes the dish overall. I prefer it to have a similar sauciness to a sweet chilli crab dish instead of this dry, oily concoction. Maybe not as drowning … Continue reading Steamed black pepper crab

Singapore style chilli swimmer crabs

Swimmer crabs were on sale for a price I could not refuse. The crabs were, however, quite small. My husband remarked that had they been harvested from Australia (instead of somewhere in Asia), they may even have been too small, legally. I actually didn't know what to make with these but I did want Singapore … Continue reading Singapore style chilli swimmer crabs

Cambodian stir fried clams recipe (Cha Leah)

Cambodian stir fried clams recipe (cha leah) by Yummycalories

This clams recipe is very quick to make and is so full of flavour that it is perfect with rice. Cambodian food always packs a big flavour punch and this 'cha leah' is no different. My husband and I had something similar in Siem Reap. I say it's similar, but not quite the same as … Continue reading Cambodian stir fried clams recipe (Cha Leah)

Seafood boil with creole seasoning

Seafood boil with creole seasoning by Yummy Calories

What I had been most looking forward to of our now-cancelled trip to the US was a good seafood boil. I had planned for us to visit a few seafood places in San Francisco and had been checking out their menus. With international travel unlikely for some time, the closest I could get to that … Continue reading Seafood boil with creole seasoning

Yee Sang New Year Salad (215 calories per serve)

Gong xi fa cai! I don't often get to host Chinese New Year lunches because we usually spend it at my uncle's house. Having lived in Shanghai for a number of years, he's got the whole Chinese New Year festivities down pat. But he was away this year celebrating at Daylesford, a spa town about … Continue reading Yee Sang New Year Salad (215 calories per serve)

Creamy garlic prawn pasta

Creamy garlic prawn pasta recipe by Yummy Calories

Creamy garlic prawn is such a comforting dish for me. My husband and I are big fans of garlic and after 3 years of marriage, we are not disgusted with each other's garlic breath. Phew! So it's no surprise that we both love garlic prawn. The first time I had garlic prawn was with him … Continue reading Creamy garlic prawn pasta

Burmese fish curry

Burmese fish curry recipe by Yummy Calories

Burmese fish curry goes very, very well with rice so it's difficult to eat when you're on a low-carb diet. Actually, most Burmese foods are made to be eaten with a lot of rice and there's even a word for it. In Burmese, they call this "htamin main" which means somethign so good that it … Continue reading Burmese fish curry

Grilled scallops and cauliflower mash (278 calories per serve)

I haven't had scallops for a very long time so I thought I'd just grill some on a low-carb base of cauliflower mash. It's not as creamy as my creamy cauliflower puree but it's got slightly lower calories. Serves 4 Prep time 15 mins Cook time 15 mins Ingredients 600g cauliflower (approx. half a large … Continue reading Grilled scallops and cauliflower mash (278 calories per serve)