Sichuan green beans

Sichuan green beans recipe by Yummy Calories

Sichuan green beans are one of my favourite sides when I eat at a Sichuan restaurant. Frying the beans in a hot wok gives it that quitessential wrinkly skin. The dish is then brought together with the spicy heat of the Sichuan pepper, pickled mustard and minced pork. My husband didn't realise that the pickled … Continue reading Sichuan green beans

Basic Prawn Dumplings

Basic prawn dumplings recipe by Yummy Calories

Prawn dumplings are always a crowd favourite and although I'm using prawn in this recipe, it really can have almost any type of filling. We even used up some leftover beef bulgogi my father-in-law made and turned it into a filling. But prawn is one of my favourite fillings and can be paired with almost … Continue reading Basic Prawn Dumplings

Fried Chinese pumpkin cake

Chinese pumpkin cake is something my mother made very regularly, to the point of excess. It's one of those things that you can't just make a little bit of. My mother used to tell me stories of how she would have to shred the pumpkin to make this cake (she calls it 'kuey'). Nowadays she … Continue reading Fried Chinese pumpkin cake

Chinese sticky rice parcel

Chinese sticky rice parcels are called "bacang" (pronounced "ba-san") in my family. It is also called zong zi. While you can buy them from Asian stores, my mother used to always make them because not only did hers taste much better, it was the only way to guarantee its freshness. It's really hard to tell … Continue reading Chinese sticky rice parcel

Chinese steamed whole snapper (196 calories per serve)

Gong xi fa cai! Another year has gone and we now welcome the year of the Rooster and my husband has already started making "cock" jokes. Sigh! Anyway, we decided to walk to Footscray market this morning and I couldn't resist getting some fresh fish. After all, fish on Chinese New Year is supposed to … Continue reading Chinese steamed whole snapper (196 calories per serve)

Chinese turnip cake

Chinese turnip cake Radish Cake by Yummy Calories

My uncle made this amazing Chinese turnip cake one night for Chinese New Year many years ago. It had a lot of fillings and had a lot of umami flavour. At the time, I didn't understand why he was so excited about the fillings as surely they were standard in all turnip cakes. Little did … Continue reading Chinese turnip cake

Dry pork and shrimp wonton noodles (721 calories per serve)

I am so glad I'm pregnant right now and need the extra calories and can eat all this yummy food. I tried dry wonton noodles for the very first time when I was in first year of university and have loved it ever since.  It really isn't that hard to make once you have all the ingredients. This … Continue reading Dry pork and shrimp wonton noodles (721 calories per serve)

Basic pork and prawn wonton (248 calories per serve)

Wontons are such a versatile dumpling. They can be used in soups, dry noodles, served with chilli oil, fried or boiled/steamed on their own. They are actually really easy to make so long as you can be bothered to wrap them up. I prefer them best in a dry noodle. Check out the recipe here. Serves … Continue reading Basic pork and prawn wonton (248 calories per serve)

Chinese steamed pork meatloaf

Chinese steamed pork meatloaf recipe by Yummy Calories

Chinese pork meatloaf is so easy to make yet absolutely delicious. It has been many years since I've had this but it's one of my favourite homemade past times. It's also pretty healthy, being steamed. I love it because it's a bit like eating pork dumplings without the carb-filled skins. Serves 6 (approx. 212 calories … Continue reading Chinese steamed pork meatloaf