Basic Prawn Dumplings

Basic prawn dumplings recipe by Yummy Calories

Prawn dumplings are always a crowd favourite and although I'm using prawn in this recipe, it really can have almost any type of filling. We even used up some leftover beef bulgogi my father-in-law made and turned it into a filling. But prawn is one of my favourite fillings and can be paired with almost … Continue reading Basic Prawn Dumplings

South East Asian Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Method)

Chicken Rice Recipe by Yummy Calories

"You know that you can cook chicken rice in a rice cooker, yeah?" said my husband. I did not. But his little tip made me overhaul my entire recipe that I had posted 6 years ago. I call this the South East Asian version of Hainanese chicken rice because I have combined some of the … Continue reading South East Asian Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Method)

Chinese New Year fish

Chinese new year fish recipe by Yummy Calories

This Chinese New Year fish is sure to bring prosperity this year. This is because the word for fish, "yu" sounds like abundance. So gong xi fa cai to the year of the Rooster. My husband has already started making "cock" jokes. Sigh! This particular pair of snapper fish were from Footscray Market. We had … Continue reading Chinese New Year fish

Easy crispy tofu steaks with soy sauce drizzle

Crispy tofu steask with soy sauce drizzle by Yummy Calories

Tofu steaks are delicious and easy to make. My local Asian grocery only sold tofu in one size ... family size. I don't cook a lot of tofu but I was making a 'popiah' the other day, which required a small amount of tofu. Needless to say, I didn't use the entire packet so I was … Continue reading Easy crispy tofu steaks with soy sauce drizzle

Spring vegetable muse

Spring vegetable muse by Yummy Calories

This spring vegetable muse is inspired by a degustation menu at the Argus Dining Room in Hepburn Springs, Victoria. It was an absolute delight because they gave you a generous selection of complimentary dishes. One dish was something they just called their "muse" - a delicate roll of assorted green vegetables standing tall on a white … Continue reading Spring vegetable muse