Cambodian curry noodles (Cambodian laksa)

Cambodian curry noodles recipe by Yummy Calories

Cambodian curry noodles are one of my favourite winter comfort meals. Its warm and creamy broth is similar to a Malaysian laksa but in my opinion, it's better because it leaves you feeling lighter. There are so many fresh vegetables and herbs in this noodle soup that perfectly balance out the coconut creaminess of the … Continue reading Cambodian curry noodles (Cambodian laksa)

Burmese chicken gourd curry

Burmese chicken gourd curry by Yummy Calories

This Burmese chicken gourd curry is my favourite way to get buthee (bottle gourd / calabash). It's fairly rare to find it in Melbourne so how did we get our hands on this vegetable? Surprise! We've moved to Perth (from Melbourne). The weather here is fantastic and we are surrounded by my husband's family. We … Continue reading Burmese chicken gourd curry

South East Asian Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Method)

Chicken Rice Recipe by Yummy Calories

"You know that you can cook chicken rice in a rice cooker, yeah?" said my husband. I did not. But his little tip made me overhaul my entire recipe that I had posted 6 years ago. I call this the South East Asian version of Hainanese chicken rice because I have combined some of the … Continue reading South East Asian Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Method)

Burmese Thick Noodle Chicken Salad (Nan Gyi Thoke)

Burmese Noodle Salad by Yummy Calories. Thick Chicken Noodle Salad. Nan Gyi Thoke.

This is one of my favourite Burmese noodle salad dishes. It's supposed to be made with thick rice noodles but it's in intermittent supply at my local Asian grocery store so what is pictured is a medium sized noodle. The thick noodles are usually packaged fresh as opposed to dry and often have Vietnamese names. … Continue reading Burmese Thick Noodle Chicken Salad (Nan Gyi Thoke)

Sweet mustard panko crumbed chicken

Sweet mustard panko crumbed chicken recipe by Yummy Calories

Panko crumbed chicken is so deliciously crispy. A few weeks ago, we received a free Hello Fresh box which included 4 recipe cards. Two of the four recipes provided were fabulous (the other two were so-so) and we have now made our own version to add to the rotation. One of them is this panko … Continue reading Sweet mustard panko crumbed chicken

Homemade Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken Spice Rub

Nando's peri peri chicken holds a very special place in our family's heart. I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like Nando's. My parents love it and it's a real treat for them to have when they visit me as they are yet to have a Nando's where they live. Over the years, … Continue reading Homemade Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken Spice Rub

Summer Sizzler Spice Seasoning

When James and I went to London in 2018, we were amazed at how beautiful and 'old' the city was. It was summer time, the Wimbledons were being played and England had made it to the quarter finals of the World Cup. The atmosphere was so festive and electric. There were plenty of rooftop bars … Continue reading Summer Sizzler Spice Seasoning