Quick tea scones

Scones by Yummy Calories

This scones recipe is the perfect thing to have up your sleeve for those surprise moments ... like when guests arrive unannounced. Scones are so easy to make and taste so good. And the ingredients are so basic, you probably already have them all on hand anyway. I used to buy self-raising flour but nowadays, … Continue reading Quick tea scones

Ol’ Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon roll recipe by Yummy Calories

Cinnamon roll. I haven't had them in ages and I had forgotten how much I liked them until now. There's nothing quite like freshly baked cinnamon rolls that fill the kitchen with its smell long before it's ready to eat. The cream cheese frosting is also my favourite but our nephews like to eat it … Continue reading Ol’ Cinnamon Roll

Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu Cake by Yummy Calories

This tiramisu cake uses sponge cake instead of the traditional Italian ladyfingers. For ease, I have used a microwave sponge cake. It is one of my most popular recipes, particularly for my parents. Their friends love it too and they often talk about how I must make it for them again. But I've been reluctant … Continue reading Tiramisu Cake

Choc Mint Ice Cream

Choc Mint Ice Cream by Yummy Calories

I'm not a choc mint ice cream kind of person but my brother is a die-hard fan. However, after making it from scratch, I fell in love with this one. There's a beautiful balance between the creaminess and freshness of this flavour that is further enhanced by the dark chocolate chunks. I hope you enjoy … Continue reading Choc Mint Ice Cream

Next-Day Almond Croissants

Every time I make croissants, I make a generous batch that has a few leftovers for the next day. But they're always best eaten fresh. No matter how crispy the shells are fresh out of the oven, they soften by the next day. So the best way to fix up day-old croissants are to turn … Continue reading Next-Day Almond Croissants

Eclair Affair

Eclair Affair Recipe by Yummy Calories

I was pretty late to my love affair with eclair. In fact, I used to hate it. But I realised later on in life that it was only because I've had horrible ones growing up. The eclairs I had when I was growing up in Asia had this terrible filling that was very greasy, like … Continue reading Eclair Affair

Dinosaur cookies

Dinosaur Cookies Recipe by Yummy Calories

My 3-year old daughter has been obsessed with dinosaurs for some time now. Her birthday is coming up soon and I asked her what kind of cake she wanted - and of course, she said a dinosaur cake. I thought I'd start experimenting with some dinosaur cookies first. They'd make a great topper for a … Continue reading Dinosaur cookies

Classic crispy homemade croissant

Classic crispy homemade croissant by Yummy Calories

Homemade croissants take time. Two days or three days? It definitely takes more than one day to make a decent homemade croissant. I found that there wasn't too much difference between a 2 or 3 day croissant, but it made planning ahead easier. For the 2 day croissant, I make, laminate and shape the dough … Continue reading Classic crispy homemade croissant

Gooey salted caramel ice cream

Salted caramel ice cream recipe by Yummy Calories

You have not lived until you've tried salted caramel ice cream! I remember many years ago when I tried my first salted caramel dessert. It absolutely blew my mind. I had no idea that a combination of salt and sweet could taste so good. Since then salted caramel has been one of my absolute favourite … Continue reading Gooey salted caramel ice cream