Pan fried fish fillets with ginger and soy

Pan fried fish fillets with ginger and soy by Yummy Calories

Pan fried fish fillets really shouldn’t be that hard. But when I first started cooking, I really sucked at cooking fish. I tried steaming them once, because I was told it was very easy. It was not. I ended up overcooking the outside edges and the inside was still raw. But pan frying the fish turned out to be a lot better than expected, as a beginner cook, and it increased my confidence in cooking fish. I hope it helps you to add more fish into your diet.


Serves 4 (approx. 280 calories per serve)

Prep time 15 mins
Cook time 20 mins

4 tbsp neutral oil
20g wholemeal flour
4 fillets (approx. 200g each) Rockling fish
1 garlic clove, crushed
1 inch piece ginger, match sticks
60ml soy sauce
1 tbsp honey
1 sprig coriander, to garnish

Note: I love Tefal non-stick pans like this one. It’s perfect for pan frying fish fillets like this.

Season the fish fillets with salt and pepper and then cover with wholemeal flour.

Heat up the oil in a non-stick pan and fry the fish fillets for a few minutes one each side until it starts to flake. Take care that you don’t move it too much in case it flakes all over your pan – try to keep it mainly in one piece. Then set aside and cover with some foil to keep warm.

Add the garlic and ginger to the pan and sautee with the remaining oil until fragrant.

Add the soy sauce and honey and let it simmer for a minute until it has reduced a little bit.

Pour the sauce over the fish fillets and garnish with coriander. You can serve it with some rice or steamed Asian greens.


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