Thai green papaya salad

Thai green papaya salad recipe by Yummy Calories

Thai green papaya salad is perfect for the hot weather we are heading into. I used to only order green papaya salad at restaurants because it intimidated me. I didn't realise just how easy it was to make! The only thing that takes time is shredding the papaya but even that didn't take too long … Continue reading Thai green papaya salad

Best Lactation Cookies

Best Lactation Cookies Recipe by Yummy Calories

These are the best lactation cookies ever! Honestly, there's nothing better than having these freshly baked out of the oven with the chocolate chips still soft and gooey. I made them when I was breastfeeding my daughter more than five years ago and I'm now starting to make a few batches again as both of … Continue reading Best Lactation Cookies

Mongolian Beef Stir Fry

Mongolian beef stir fry recipe by Yummy Calories

Mongolian beef stir fry is so addictive and is one of those foods that make me eat a lot more rice than I should. That's what makes it so dangerous calorie-wise. Mongolian food is known for their meats and my husband told me about a Mongolian restaurant in Perth that would have barbecue buffets. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Mongolian Beef Stir Fry

Burmese pea fried rice

Burmese pea fried rice recipe by Yummy Calories

Burmese pea fried rice is one of the my favourite ways to eat yellow peas. I recall hawkers walking down streets with baskets of steamed peas on their heads yelling "pe pyote" (boiled peas). They were a favourite of mine and traditionally steamed sprouted which adds a depth of flavour to these peas. My mom … Continue reading Burmese pea fried rice

Chinese egg noodle stir fry (lo mein)

Chinese egg noodle stir fry recipe by Yummy Calories

Making an egg noodle stir fry is easier than you think. I find them easier than rice noodles befcause they are a little bit sturdier when frying so they don't end up into a blended mess as easily. My favourite egg noodle stir fry is saucy with a lot of crunchy vegetables. I prefer a … Continue reading Chinese egg noodle stir fry (lo mein)

Chinese beef and broccoli stir fry

Chinese beef and broccoli stir fry recipe by Yummy Calories

This beef and broccoli stir fry is so tasty even the kids would love to eat broccoli. I just love how tender the beef is after the marinade. This dish is perfect with some steamed rice and is a popular dish at Chinese restaurants and can form part of a traditional banquet. As a main, … Continue reading Chinese beef and broccoli stir fry