Burmese pea fried rice

Burmese pea fried rice recipe by Yummy Calories

Burmese pea fried rice is one of the my favourite ways to eat yellow peas. I recall hawkers walking down streets with baskets of steamed peas on their heads yelling "pe pyote" (boiled peas). They were a favourite of mine and traditionally steamed sprouted which adds a depth of flavour to these peas. My mom … Continue reading Burmese pea fried rice

Tadka daal curry

Tadka daal curry recipe by Yummy Calories

Tadka daal curry is the probably one of the best Indian curries I have ever had. Although I love my more meaty curries very much, I feel an Indian meal is incomplete without some daal. I just love it. I could almost eat it every day and that's saying something because I love my variety. … Continue reading Tadka daal curry

Silky egg stir fry

Silky egg stir fry recipe by Yummy Calories

My husband loves silky egg sauces like those you see in a wat tan hor fun. This sauce is very versatile and you can also use it in any stir fry with leafy vegetables. I made this with gai choy, a somewhat bitter leafy vegetable. It works well with any leafy green vegetable of Asian … Continue reading Silky egg stir fry

Roast cauliflower salad with celery, apricots and almonds

Roast cauliflower salad by Yummy Calories

My parents came to stay with me in Perth ... for a year. They just left recently to go back to Myanmar. Things aren't exactly "stable" there but when you consider the Ukraine war, it is probably a little bit more stable. When they left, my mom had left half a cauliflower in the fridge … Continue reading Roast cauliflower salad with celery, apricots and almonds

Creamy pumpkin soup (282 calories per serve)

Although we're technically at the final couple of weeks of autumn, I already feel as though winter has arrived. What I love most about winter are all the soups I get to enjoy and I absolutely love creamy soups such as this one. Although I have used pumpkin in this soup, the base is pretty … Continue reading Creamy pumpkin soup (282 calories per serve)

Pumpkin, tofu and green beans red curry (267 calories per serve)

Do you know how much pumpkin is actually in a whole butternut pumpkin? A lot apparently ... after removing the skin and the seeds, I had about 1.6kg of pumpkin! Since I am pretty much living by myself at the moment, that's a lot of pumpkin to get through for one person without trying to eat … Continue reading Pumpkin, tofu and green beans red curry (267 calories per serve)