Silky egg stir fry

Silky egg stir fry recipe by Yummy Calories

My husband loves silky egg sauces like those you see in a wat tan hor fun. This sauce is very versatile and you can also use it in any stir fry with leafy vegetables. I made this with gai choy, a somewhat bitter leafy vegetable. It works well with any leafy green vegetable of Asian … Continue reading Silky egg stir fry

‘Picnic pleaser’ potato salad (334 calories per serve)

My friends organised a casual picnic for this year's Australia Day celebrations so I decided to bring, amongst other things, a simple potato salad. I've always loved potato salads, but not the ones at supermarket delis that are absolutely drenched in mayonnaise. I like adding a bit of mayonnaise but not too much as it … Continue reading ‘Picnic pleaser’ potato salad (334 calories per serve)

Taiwanese braised pork and egg

Taiwanese braised pork (lu rou fan) recipe by Yummy Calories

Taiwanese braised pork is one of my fondest memories from our family trip to Taiwan way back in 2008. There were lots of night markets and I saw lots of brown eggs that had been infused with a spiced broth. We went sightseeing to a gold mine of some sort and along the way up … Continue reading Taiwanese braised pork and egg

Chinese steamed pork meatloaf

Chinese steamed pork meatloaf recipe by Yummy Calories

Chinese pork meatloaf is so easy to make yet absolutely delicious. It has been many years since I've had this but it's one of my favourite homemade past times. It's also pretty healthy, being steamed. I love it because it's a bit like eating pork dumplings without the carb-filled skins. Serves 6 (approx. 212 calories … Continue reading Chinese steamed pork meatloaf