Burmese pea fried rice

Burmese pea fried rice recipe by Yummy Calories

Burmese pea fried rice is one of the my favourite ways to eat yellow peas. I recall hawkers walking down streets with baskets of steamed peas on their heads yelling "pe pyote" (boiled peas). They were a favourite of mine and traditionally steamed sprouted which adds a depth of flavour to these peas. My mom … Continue reading Burmese pea fried rice

Tadka daal curry

Tadka daal curry recipe by Yummy Calories

Tadka daal curry is the probably one of the best Indian curries I have ever had. Although I love my more meaty curries very much, I feel an Indian meal is incomplete without some daal. I just love it. I could almost eat it every day and that's saying something because I love my variety. … Continue reading Tadka daal curry