Fried egg tofu with pork

Fried egg tofu with minced pork recipe by Yummycalories

Egg tofu is really fiddly to cook with because it is just so soft. That's also what makes it so darn tasty. To 'harden' up the tofu, it is often fried to give it up a bit of a crust. It is then more easily added into dishes without fully disintegrating. This dish is a … Continue reading Fried egg tofu with pork

Sichuan green beans

Sichuan green beans recipe by Yummy Calories

Sichuan green beans are one of my favourite sides when I eat at a Sichuan restaurant. Frying the beans in a hot wok gives it that quitessential wrinkly skin. The dish is then brought together with the spicy heat of the Sichuan pepper, pickled mustard and minced pork. My husband didn't realise that the pickled … Continue reading Sichuan green beans

Pad krapow moo

Thai basil minced pork (pad krapow moo) recipe by Yummy Calories

This Thai basil minced pork dish, also known as pad krapow moo, is a recipe by my brother (the make-it-up chef). He occasionally comes across some amazing recipes. When he made this dish for me, I ate so much of it that he kept making it for me. When I was pregnant with my daughter, … Continue reading Pad krapow moo

Cambodian eggplant and minced pork (Cha traop dot)

Cambodian Eggplant Recipe by Yummy Calories

In continuation of my latest Cambodian phase, I also tried to make a Cambodian eggplant recipe called 'cha traop dot'. It is a stir fry dish of grilled eggplant and minced pork. This Cambodian eggplant recipe is very yummy and is one of my favourite eggplant dishes. For simplicity, I have roasted the eggplant/aubergine as … Continue reading Cambodian eggplant and minced pork (Cha traop dot)