Thai Prawn Glass Noodles

Thai prawn glass noodles by Yummy Calories

The first time I tried this Thai prawn glass noodles dish was just earlier this year when we went to Thailand. It was our first overseas trip post-Covid and one of my brothers took us out to a famous seafood restaurant, Somboon Seafood. Such was its popularity that it's actually a chain restaurant so there … Continue reading Thai Prawn Glass Noodles

Burmese popiah (fresh spring rolls)

Burmese popiah (fresh spring rolls)

My mum used to make this basic popiah quite often because it was one of my dad's favourite dishes. The irony was that although he loved this dish the most, he was also the worst at wrapping. He preferred eating the filling with a spoon and simply biting off the wrapper. This, my friends, is … Continue reading Burmese popiah (fresh spring rolls)

Basic Prawn Dumplings

Basic prawn dumplings recipe by Yummy Calories

Prawn dumplings are always a crowd favourite and although I'm using prawn in this recipe, it really can have almost any type of filling. We even used up some leftover beef bulgogi my father-in-law made and turned it into a filling. But prawn is one of my favourite fillings and can be paired with almost … Continue reading Basic Prawn Dumplings

Seafood boil with creole seasoning

Seafood boil with creole seasoning by Yummy Calories

What I had been most looking forward to of our now-cancelled trip to the US was a good seafood boil. I had planned for us to visit a few seafood places in San Francisco and had been checking out their menus. With international travel unlikely for some time, the closest I could get to that … Continue reading Seafood boil with creole seasoning

Creamy garlic prawn pasta

Creamy garlic prawn pasta recipe by Yummy Calories

Creamy garlic prawn is such a comforting dish for me. My husband and I are big fans of garlic and after 3 years of marriage, we are not disgusted with each other's garlic breath. Phew! So it's no surprise that we both love garlic prawn. The first time I had garlic prawn was with him … Continue reading Creamy garlic prawn pasta

Chinese sticky rice parcel

Chinese sticky rice parcels are called "bacang" (pronounced "ba-san") in my family. It is also called zong zi. While you can buy them from Asian stores, my mother used to always make them because not only did hers taste much better, it was the only way to guarantee its freshness. It's really hard to tell … Continue reading Chinese sticky rice parcel

Basic pork and prawn wonton (248 calories per serve)

Wontons are such a versatile dumpling. They can be used in soups, dry noodles, served with chilli oil, fried or boiled/steamed on their own. They are actually really easy to make so long as you can be bothered to wrap them up. I prefer them best in a dry noodle. Check out the recipe here. Serves … Continue reading Basic pork and prawn wonton (248 calories per serve)

Garlic butter prawn linguine with cherry tomatoes (507 calories per serve)

I haven't been cooking in close to 6 months, pretty much for as long as I have been pregnant. I was feeling too nauseous and sick in the first trimester and then mum came in the second trimester so I got pampered with her cooking. With my husband being away as well, I've had to … Continue reading Garlic butter prawn linguine with cherry tomatoes (507 calories per serve)

San choy cabbage

San choy cabbage recipe by Yummy Calories

I love san choy bow, which is a minced pork dish that is usually sered in lettuce cups. However, I had some green cabbage in the fridge that I had bought when it was on sale at the supermarket which would also go well with the pork. So here's a san choy cabbage! Serves 4 … Continue reading San choy cabbage