Basic Prawn Dumplings

Basic prawn dumplings recipe by Yummy Calories

Prawn dumplings are always a crowd favourite and although I'm using prawn in this recipe, it really can have almost any type of filling. We even used up some leftover beef bulgogi my father-in-law made and turned it into a filling. But prawn is one of my favourite fillings and can be paired with almost … Continue reading Basic Prawn Dumplings

Basic pork and prawn wonton (248 calories per serve)

Wontons are such a versatile dumpling. They can be used in soups, dry noodles, served with chilli oil, fried or boiled/steamed on their own. They are actually really easy to make so long as you can be bothered to wrap them up. I prefer them best in a dry noodle. Check out the recipe here. Serves … Continue reading Basic pork and prawn wonton (248 calories per serve)