Avocado and coconut smoothie (140 calories per serve)

Today feels like summer - it's 34 degrees. This weather reminds me of days in Myanmar and Cambodia. In Myanmar, my mum would make me an avocado smoothie. In Cambodia, my mum would buy a few coconuts from the street vendor and mix it with some sugar and ice. Being in neither country at the … Continue reading Avocado and coconut smoothie (140 calories per serve)

Spring vegetable muse

Spring vegetable muse by Yummy Calories

This spring vegetable muse is inspired by a degustation menu at the Argus Dining Room in Hepburn Springs, Victoria. It was an absolute delight because they gave you a generous selection of complimentary dishes. One dish was something they just called their "muse" - a delicate roll of assorted green vegetables standing tall on a white … Continue reading Spring vegetable muse