Potato and onion bake

Potato Onion Bake by Yummy Calories

This potato bake recipe was originally published 6 years ago but I have recently updated it. After my husband served it at an Australia Day party we had hosted, I was hooked. He did such a great job that this became my favourite potato bake. He told me that the secret ingredient was French onion … Continue reading Potato and onion bake

‘Picnic pleaser’ potato salad (334 calories per serve)

My friends organised a casual picnic for this year's Australia Day celebrations so I decided to bring, amongst other things, a simple potato salad. I've always loved potato salads, but not the ones at supermarket delis that are absolutely drenched in mayonnaise. I like adding a bit of mayonnaise but not too much as it … Continue reading ‘Picnic pleaser’ potato salad (334 calories per serve)

Dry beef and potato curry

Dry beef and potato curry recipe by Yummy Calories

This beef and potato curry is perfect for recycling sad and tired potatoes in your fridge or pantry. It's perfect with mint leaves but you can also put other herbs like basil in it. The tumeric and coriander gives it a lovely spiced flavour that pairs beautifully with basmati rice. If you're making a kid-friendly … Continue reading Dry beef and potato curry