Slow braised pork belly

Slow braised pork belly recipe by Yummy Calories

This is a slow braised pork belly dish can fill the whole room with delicious aromas. When paired with warm, fluffy rice and freshly cooked greens, it feels like a warm hug on a cold winter's night. However, it does come with a massive amount of calories so it's not a dish I can have … Continue reading Slow braised pork belly

Taiwanese braised pork and egg

Taiwanese braised pork (lu rou fan) recipe by Yummy Calories

Taiwanese braised pork is one of my fondest memories from our family trip to Taiwan way back in 2008. There were lots of night markets and I saw lots of brown eggs that had been infused with a spiced broth. We went sightseeing to a gold mine of some sort and along the way up … Continue reading Taiwanese braised pork and egg