Steamed black pepper crab

Steamed black pepper crab by Yummy Calories

Black pepper crab is traditionally fried before being tossed in this wonderfully fragrant sauce. As much as it's still absolutely delicious, I don't like how oily it makes the dish overall. I prefer it to have a similar sauciness to a sweet chilli crab dish instead of this dry, oily concoction. Maybe not as drowning … Continue reading Steamed black pepper crab

Seafood boil with creole seasoning

Seafood boil with creole seasoning by Yummy Calories

What I had been most looking forward to of our now-cancelled trip to the US was a good seafood boil. I had planned for us to visit a few seafood places in San Francisco and had been checking out their menus. With international travel unlikely for some time, the closest I could get to that … Continue reading Seafood boil with creole seasoning