Choc Mint Ice Cream

Choc Mint Ice Cream by Yummy Calories

I'm not a choc mint ice cream kind of person but my brother is a die-hard fan. However, after making it from scratch, I fell in love with this one. There's a beautiful balance between the creaminess and freshness of this flavour that is further enhanced by the dark chocolate chunks. I hope you enjoy … Continue reading Choc Mint Ice Cream

Decadent dark chocolate cake

Decadent dark chocolate cake recipe by Yummy Calories

This dark chocolate cake is truly perfect! The first time I had this cake was from a lovely lady named Liz at my previous workplace. She would make this beautiful cake every few months and it was widely appreciated by all her colleagues. So it was like a dream come true when she shared her … Continue reading Decadent dark chocolate cake

Low-sugar bittersweet chocolate torte (257 calories per serve)

My mum needs to regulate her sugar intake and as a result, she hasn't had cake for a long time. I thought it wasn't fair she couldn't have cake so I found this recipe (varied a little bit) from Equal's sweetener recipes. This is a low-sugar (and lowish calorie) torte for her because instead of … Continue reading Low-sugar bittersweet chocolate torte (257 calories per serve)