Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu Cake by Yummy Calories

This tiramisu cake uses sponge cake instead of the traditional Italian ladyfingers. For ease, I have used a microwave sponge cake. It is one of my most popular recipes, particularly for my parents. Their friends love it too and they often talk about how I must make it for them again. But I've been reluctant … Continue reading Tiramisu Cake

Eclair Affair

Eclair Affair Recipe by Yummy Calories

I was pretty late to my love affair with eclair. In fact, I used to hate it. But I realised later on in life that it was only because I've had horrible ones growing up. The eclairs I had when I was growing up in Asia had this terrible filling that was very greasy, like … Continue reading Eclair Affair

Baklava fingers

One of my Mom's favourite sweets is baklava fingers. She refers to it as "that Turkish sweet" (hopefully I haven't offended the Greeks reading this). I like my baklavas to be slightly crispy on the outside as opposed to being soggy and drenched in syrup. Unfortunately, the ones we buy at the shops are often … Continue reading Baklava fingers

Peanut butter and cookie dough cake (628 calories per serve)

This is devilishly good but so incredibly rich that you couldn't (or shouldn't) eat too much in one go. I could fall asleep into a food coma after this but my husband absolutely loved it. It's really great to snack on and grab a piece or chunk of at 3pm in the afternoon. Now ... having … Continue reading Peanut butter and cookie dough cake (628 calories per serve)

Chocolate sponge cake with cherries and cream (366 calories per serve)

I don't usually crave cake but when I do, I try to scout out interest from my girlfriends to see if I can "share" the calories around. It's really hard to bake a cake for one so I prefer having a whole group of us. The more the merrier (for my waistline). Today's cake of the day is a chocolate sponge cake with cherries and cream.

Fluffy and golden banana cake (268 calories per serve)

My fiance was talking to someone about this blog and there was something he said that made me realise how much I've let myself go. He said ... "She has a blog called yummy calories but it's not really low calories ... it's just calories." That's when I realised that for the past year or … Continue reading Fluffy and golden banana cake (268 calories per serve)

‘Fruit basket’ chocolate ganache cake (418 calories per serve)

When I showed my mum this cake, she said it looked like a 'fruit basket' so that's what I'm calling it now. The picture shows a double-layer variation with buttercream icing in the middle but this recipe is for a single-layer cake. Serves 12 Prep time 45 mins Cook time 30 mins Ingredients 180g butter, softened and cubed … Continue reading ‘Fruit basket’ chocolate ganache cake (418 calories per serve)

Decadent dark chocolate cake

Decadent dark chocolate cake recipe by Yummy Calories

This dark chocolate cake is truly perfect! The first time I had this cake was from a lovely lady named Liz at my previous workplace. She would make this beautiful cake every few months and it was widely appreciated by all her colleagues. So it was like a dream come true when she shared her … Continue reading Decadent dark chocolate cake

Super easy butter cupcakes (235 calories per serve)

My brother bought some lamb racks from Queen Victoria Market - 2 for $10. They always have great quality meats and for much cheaper than the supermarket. So I made Moroccan lamb racks and spiced couscous salad (replacing the raisins with lentils because my brother doesn't like raisins). It's one of his favourite dishes and … Continue reading Super easy butter cupcakes (235 calories per serve)