Next-Day Almond Croissants

Every time I make croissants, I make a generous batch that has a few leftovers for the next day. But they're always best eaten fresh. No matter how crispy the shells are fresh out of the oven, they soften by the next day. So the best way to fix up day-old croissants are to turn … Continue reading Next-Day Almond Croissants

Classic crispy homemade croissant

Classic crispy homemade croissant by Yummy Calories

Homemade croissants take time. Two days or three days? It definitely takes more than one day to make a decent homemade croissant. I found that there wasn't too much difference between a 2 or 3 day croissant, but it made planning ahead easier. For the 2 day croissant, I make, laminate and shape the dough … Continue reading Classic crispy homemade croissant