Ol’ Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon roll recipe by Yummy Calories

Cinnamon roll. I haven't had them in ages and I had forgotten how much I liked them until now. There's nothing quite like freshly baked cinnamon rolls that fill the kitchen with its smell long before it's ready to eat. The cream cheese frosting is also my favourite but our nephews like to eat it … Continue reading Ol’ Cinnamon Roll

Baklava fingers

One of my Mom's favourite sweets is baklava fingers. She refers to it as "that Turkish sweet" (hopefully I haven't offended the Greeks reading this). I like my baklavas to be slightly crispy on the outside as opposed to being soggy and drenched in syrup. Unfortunately, the ones we buy at the shops are often … Continue reading Baklava fingers

Spiced couscous salad with raisins (226 calories per serve)

When my little brother tried couscous for the first time, he described it as "small rice" because that was what it looked like. This recipe is inspired from George, Lewis, and Pickford's 15-Minute Feasts but I've made it a little bit more complex to bring out the flavours a bit more. The rule with couscous is roughly … Continue reading Spiced couscous salad with raisins (226 calories per serve)