Choc Mint Ice Cream

Choc Mint Ice Cream by Yummy Calories

I'm not a choc mint ice cream kind of person but my brother is a die-hard fan. However, after making it from scratch, I fell in love with this one. There's a beautiful balance between the creaminess and freshness of this flavour that is further enhanced by the dark chocolate chunks. I hope you enjoy … Continue reading Choc Mint Ice Cream

Beetroot and feta yoghurt salad

I couldn't imagine anything worse than a beetroot salad. Beetroot used to be the last choice in terms of vegetables that I would choose at a salad bar. However, all of that changed when I got pregnant. I just couldn't get enough of this sweet vegetable. Then my uncle, Henry, invited us over to dinner … Continue reading Beetroot and feta yoghurt salad

Easy lamb kofta (580 calories per serve)

I'm trying this new diet where I only eat one proper meal a day. Instead of lunch, I have a couple handfuls of nuts, fruits and rice crisps. The idea is that while you might eat more during your one meal, it wouldn't be double of your usual meal and therefore you are still managing to eat … Continue reading Easy lamb kofta (580 calories per serve)