Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu Cake by Yummy Calories

This tiramisu cake uses sponge cake instead of the traditional Italian ladyfingers. For ease, I have used a microwave sponge cake. It is one of my most popular recipes, particularly for my parents. Their friends love it too and they often talk about how I must make it for them again. But I've been reluctant … Continue reading Tiramisu Cake

Chocolate sponge cake with cherries and cream (366 calories per serve)

I don't usually crave cake but when I do, I try to scout out interest from my girlfriends to see if I can "share" the calories around. It's really hard to bake a cake for one so I prefer having a whole group of us. The more the merrier (for my waistline). Today's cake of the day is a chocolate sponge cake with cherries and cream.