Tangzhong Chinese sausage rolls

Tangzhong Chinese Sausage Rolls by Yummy Calories

I discovered these delightful Chinese sausage rolls at an Asian bakery when I was in university. They always had the fluffiest breads. They were so pillowy because of a technique called tangzhong which uses a 1:5 ratio of flour to liquid (water or milk) and cooks it into a slurry. This is then added to … Continue reading Tangzhong Chinese sausage rolls

Exploding red bean bun (144 calories)

Serves 12 buns Prep time 30 minutes + 1 hour proofing + overnight soaking Cook time 10-15 minutes Red bean buns are one of my favourite comfort foods because of the soft bun texture and the red bean sweetness. I love Asian bread and steamed bread tends to have an outer skin layer that you … Continue reading Exploding red bean bun (144 calories)