Garlic lamb chops with white wine and lemon jus

Garlic lamb loin chops recipe by Yummy Calories

Garlic lamb is so easy to make and so underrated. What I mean is that the lamb loin chops are an underrated cut of the meat. I tend to stick to my usual lamb cutlets, lamb racks, lamb shanks or leg of lamb but hardly ever get loin chops. Rosemary is usually paired with lamb but honestly, garlic matches with every meat and tastes great with lamb too!

This recipe is an adaptation of this totally awesome recipe by Food and Wine.


Serves 4 (approx. 480 calories per serve)

Prep time 15 mins + 30 mins resting time

Cook time 15 mins

8 lamb loin chops
5 cloves of garlic, quartered
4 sprigs of thyme
2 tbsp olive oil
50ml dry white wine
1/2 lemon, juice only
2 springs parsley, chopped
1/2 tsp sweet paprika powder

Note: I used this non-stick pan for the lamb loin chops.

Season the lamb loin chops with salt and pepper and marinate with garlic, thyme and olive oil. Let it rest for half an hour.

Heat a pan on a medium-high heat and grill the lamb loin chops for about 3-5 mins each side depending on how thick your chop is and how done you want it to be. I did it for 5 minutes on one side and 3 minutes on the other side for 2cm thick chops.

Meanwhile, mix the white wine, lemon juice parsley and paprika powder together.

When the lamb chops have been removed from the pan, deglaze with the white wine mixture and boil for a minute. Pour the jus over the loin chops and serve. I served it with this super easy toasted tomato rice.


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