Toasted tomato rice (282 calories per serve)

My daughter loves rice so long as it is plain and has nothing in it. There have been times where I've set down a plate with rice, some meat and some vegetables and she would painstakingly pick out the meat and vegetables and just eat the rice. She would even point at the rice pot … Continue reading Toasted tomato rice (282 calories per serve)

Burmese Biryani (Danbauk) with Chicken

Burmese biryani (danbauk) with chicken recipe by Yummy Calories

The Burmese biryani, known as "danbauk", is one of my favourite dishes when I go and visit Myanmar. It is different from other biryanis mainly because the chicken is cooked with the rice and it also features cashew nuts, raisins, and peas. It is a very fragrant dish and you can smell it long before … Continue reading Burmese Biryani (Danbauk) with Chicken