Kimchi Stew with Spam

Kimchi stew with spam recipe by Yummy Calories

I think that kimchi stew is better with spam, although it is traditionally only with pork belly. Other ingredients like mushrooms (shiitake, enoki, etc.) are also a great addition. The first time I had kimchi stew with spam was at a friend's house and she served it with instant noodles in an army stew style. … Continue reading Kimchi Stew with Spam

Quick and easy galbi jim (866 calories per serve)

This is the first time I made a Korean dish, which is bold enough in itself. But this is also the first time I've made a main dish in my Cuckoo rice cooker/pressure cooker. The recipe is adapted from's recipe but I've adjusted it for the Cuckoo rice cooker. On a side note: wow, … Continue reading Quick and easy galbi jim (866 calories per serve)