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Hello there, I’m Angie and welcome to Yummy Calories, my online cookbook for the everyday home cook.

My love language is food. It’s inherently sensual and is such a powerful way of connecting across cultures and generations. When I was growing up, family time revolved around food and we would always make time to eat together. It gave us a chance to be thankful as we said grace before eating. We were thankful for a brand new day, a roof over our heads and freshly cooked food that brought nourishment deep into our bones. This daily ritual of gratitude, centred around food, helped to build a reserve of emotional and mental energy that I could tap into during the occasional stormy periods of life.

For your consideration in the provenance of ingredients, I have mainly used what could be found in Australia. I have lived in Melbourne for most my life but moved to Perth in 2021. Most ingredients are readily available at leading supermarkets but occasionally also from Asian grocery stores and European delis. Our land truly abounds in nature’s gifts and local produce is almost always of great quality. If you are a foodie and have not been to Australia before, I must encourage you to please visit.

I’m so glad you’ve found Yummy Calories and I hope each recipe brings you as much joy as it has brought me. I hope it also opens up new, delightful experiences for your taste buds.

With much love,


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