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Garlic butter prawn linguine with cherry tomatoes (507 calories per serve)

I haven’t been cooking in close to 6 months, pretty much for as long as I have been pregnant. I was feeling too nauseous and sick in the first trimester and then mum came in the second trimester so I got pampered with her cooking. With my husband being away as well, I’ve had to learn to cook smaller meals so this is a serving of 2.

Serves 2

Prep time 20 mins
Cook time 15 mins

120g linguine, uncooked (or other pasta)
50g butter
2 cloves garlic, crushed
11 prawns, shell on
1 tsp brandy
6 sprigs parsley, chopped

De-shell the prawns making sure you set aside the heads (for use in cooking). I also left the tail tips on as well, but that’s optional.

Meanwhile, boil the linguine with a dash of olive oil until cooked to your preference.

Saute the butter and garlic in a pan until it start to bubble up. Then add the prawn heads and cook for a  few minutes until the sauce starts to become more pink and the prawn heads are cooked.

Add the tomatoes and brandy. Squeeze the juices out of the prawn heads before removing them from the pan. Season to taste.

Serve on top of linguine and garnish with parsley. 

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